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June 12, 2017
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June 12, 2017

What is testosterone ?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for the growth of sex organs like testes, prostate and the penis. Its secondary functions include growth of body hair, muscle mass and bone density. It is associated with a healthy life in general. Testosterone production is regulated by the human body itself, meaning there is no fixed production, testosterone levels therefore vary from person to person. Someone who is more athletic will have higher testosterone levels than others who are not. Testosterone is also produced in female ovaries but the production is significantly low compared to men. Low testosterone production can be a symptom of another ailment or a problem in itself. This will determine the treatment needed. An example would be congestive prostatitis where men experience low testosterone production, which can be returned to normal by curing the prostate gland. Where low testosterone is a problem in itself, hormone replacement therapy is the best option available. It is safe, reliable and produces good results.

Causes of Low Testosterone:

When you sleep at night the body replenishes its testosterone needs. The breakdown in muscles is repaired and as a result muscles grow stronger and bigger. This is the reason many professional body builders take anabolic steroids so the whole process of fiber repair would go fast and they can carry on their training rapidly, without need to rest more. The hormone testosterone is the reason for the differences between men and women to a great extent. Testosterone is fundamentally considered as the hormone that gives a man all the masculine characteristics. Thus, all the masculine characteristics in men are due to this hormone. The amount of this hormone rises when a man enters his young age.

Similarly, the amount of this hormone decreases as the man grows older, specifically, when a man hits 60, the level of this hormone in the male body drops to a very low level. Certain genetic or physiological reasons can cause low testosterone levels of young men and can result in a vast array of problems. In many men testosterone levels never reach their peak in teen ages hence causing a failure of complete development of masculine features. A rapid fall of testosterone in men in the age of twenties and thirties can cause obesity, heart problems and diabetes along with a very low sex drive.

Testosterone production decreases naturally with age. The peak is in late 30’s after which it starts declining. Younger men may experience low testosterone occasionally, which is in many cases due to a high estrogen intake and lack of physical exercise. If this is the case then the doctor would suggest a change in diet and an exercise for the patient. Low testosterone is a problem that if left untreated can cause many other ailments, namely osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and infertility. Therefore it is intelligent to stop a problem at its root and prevent it from spreading. Zinc rich foods are recommended in most cases of low testosterone and prostate problems, as a natural remedy. Zinc is the main mineral needed by the body to produce testosterone and semen efficiently. Weight lifting exercises boost testosterone production in males naturally and helps fight osteoporosis. Testosterone increases muscle mass and bone density in males.

Sometimes it also happens that low testosterone is due to diet and physical inactivity. In that case zinc rich foods are recommended because zinc in the mineral needed both by testicles and the prostate to function efficiently. Physical activity like walking, playing sports or going to a gym is recommended to naturally boost one’s testosterone levels. One should not try a testosterone replacement therapy on his own; there are professionally certified doctors to carry out something like that. If you try it yourself, it would probably do more harm than good.

Men can have deficiency of testosterone in their blood for some reasons. The testicles of males produce lesser testosterone in old age. Testosterone production directly affects the emotional and physical responses of the body. The acute deficiency of this hormone can result in weight gain, diabetic disorder and stress. Testosterone is secreted by the testes males. The brain and testes are involved in maintaining the required percentage of testosterone in the blood. The level can decline with age as well as some physical disorders. Infections, injuries, chronic medication, genetic abnormality and kidney failure can be the expected causes for testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone deficiency can also occur in women. It normally happens 2 to 3 years before the menopause. The symptoms include lack of sex desire in the first place. This decline can be a result of functional and physical disorder of ovaries. They require nourishment of required testosterone through dietary intake and supplements. Chemotherapy can become a cause of this deficiency. Blood tests of testosterone level should be conducted to know the cause of low energy, lethargy and sex drive of the woman. Testosterone therapy can be helpful along with healthy lifestyle, daily exercise and a balanced diet.

Testicular failure can result in testosterone deficiency. This can be a disorder by birth or happens with onset of age. Decreased secretions from the pituitary gland will also affect the functioning of testicles. This hormone regulates proper secretion and function of all the male reproductive organs including penis, testes, prostate, scrotum and seminal vesicles. It has a major part in controlling mood, energy level, sex drive and fertility. The deficiency can be measured through a simple blood test. If the level is below the range then it will require hormone therapy to restore its percentage. Therapies include injecting able forms, creams, gels, patches and pellets.


How to determine the level of Testerone:

A blood test is the easiest and authentic way to determine the exact level of testosterone. Physicians can prescribe any hormone therapy to restore the hormonal level and overcome the symptoms of deficiency. One can use intramuscular injections, creams, gels, patches to induce testosterone in the body. Sperm and testosterone production ability depend on the life stage of the individual. Some have an inborn disorder which will cause abnormal growth of sex organs and hormone secretions. Boys in puberty can have decreased level of testosterone, which will affect the signs of puberty like pubic hair, increased size of testes and penis and voice changes. Testosterone deficiency at a later age will affect the sexual ability, mood and energy level of a person.

Restoration of Testosterone:

There are a number of therapies to restore the level of testosterone for normal well being of person. Primary deficiency is caused by malfunctioning of testicles, while the secondary cause is improper secretion of the pituitary gland. Another cause of low testosterone level is diabetes. Physical changes as well as laboratory testing is considered by the physician for carrying out any diagnosis of the problem, regarding testosterone. Testosterone therapy is therefore recommended in various forms according to the patient’s medical history and characteristics. Doctors suggest the type and dose according to the patient’s age and deficiency level. The therapy will improve life quality and enhance general body responses.

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